• Client
  • Lynmac Developments

  • Address
  • Corner of Matua and Tapu Roads

  • Completion Date
  • Titles Issued October 2005



This site was located in the Future Urban zone in Huapai.

A non-complying application was lodged with Rodney District Council for 23 residential sites (1500m2) when the zoning provided for minimum 4 hectare sites.   The application was  approved but later appealed by Auckland Regional Council on the basis that that Council did not have appropriate infrastructure provisioning and the density of the development was too low for the expected future development in the wider area.  The approval was grant by Consent Order of the Environment Court following mediation with the Rodney and Regional Council.

This area is now subject to a zone change by Auckland Council.  Watercare are currently extending a new wastewater system to serve the area and an Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMP) for the stormwater catchment has been developed.

Unique Challenges

There was concern over the density of the development as the sites utilised on site wastewater disposal as an interim solution before the proposed wastewater system was available. This required sites of minimum 1500m2. However, the target section size for the area was 700-800m2.  The Cato Bolam engineers designed each of the sites so they could be subdivided in the future and each site was covenanted to protect the future building site.

Another issue facing the design team was solving the stormwater disposal prior to the completion of the ICMP.  An adjacent property was identified for the development of a stormwater pond.  Lynmac Developments purchased the property and a stormwater pond was designed to cater for the entire catchment and allowing for the future urban development.  A stormwater discharge consent was obtained providing an interim solution while the ICMP was progressing.

The ARC appeal brought to light significant infrastructure challenges facing the wider Kumeu and Huapai area for the Rodney District Council.  The main challenges included provision of a public wastewater system to service the region and completing an Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMP) for the Kumeu River which had significant flooding issues.  This was a development several years ahead of it’s time.

How we assisted

Cato Bolam Consultants provided full development project management, engineering, planning and surveying services working closely with the client, council and legal team to resolve the appeal and ultimately gain consent at the end of 2004.

We completed the subdivision design and feasibility study; provided the Resource Consent application and supported this through Environment Court mediation. We engineered the entire infrastructure and managed construction.  We completed Land Transfer Survey and achieved titles.

The site now sits comfortably within its semi rural environment and with the new structure planning taking place and wastewater reticulation being extended through; this will be surrounded by urban development in the near future.