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  • Environmental Defence Society

  • Address
  • A Guide to Preparing Regional Policy Statements

  • Completion Date
  • April 2011

Environmental Defence Society Guide


Cato Bolam’s Director – Planning,  Peter Reaburn,  is a joint author with Raewyn Peart of the EDS Guide – Strengthening Second Generation Regional Policy Statements (RPSs).  This Guide is intended to encourage greater consistency in the approach taken by regional councils to common issues throughout the country.  That will make it easier for the many people who work across different regions and currently have to try and deal with vastly different RPS documents.


Unique Challenges

While there is much scope for greater consistency and focus in RPS documents, it must also be recognised that New Zealand is a very diverse country.  It was important in the Guide to acknowledge that there are different issues and demands on our environment in the various regions.


How we assisted

Cato Bolam was able to assist in preparing the Guide utilising its extensive experience in addressing land development issues, interpreting planning documents and assisting local and regional government agencies in preparing planning documents.

Services supplied

  • Strategic and Land Use Planning - Contribution to writing the Guide


The Guide was published in April 2011.