• Client
  • Hopper Developments Limited

  • Address
  • Whitianga Waterways - Whitianga
    Pauanui Waterway - Pauanui
    Marsden Cove - Whangarei Harbour



Cato Bolam has been on Hopper Development Limited’s professional team since the beginning of the Pauanui Waterways, Whitianga Waterways and the Marsden Cove projects.  We have provided the planning and surveying services for these impressive canal housing developments.

Pauanui Waterways was New Zealand’s first canal housing development. Stage 3 of the 250 property canal front development is nearing completion.  

Whitianga Waterways, New Zealand’s largest canal housing project, will comprise of 700 canal front lots, airfield lots, 700 other lots and will integrate waterfront retail, tourist accommodation, apartments and a range of other facilities when complete. 

The Marsden Cove canal housing and marina project will develop 350 canal front sites, a 250 berth marina and 200 residential sites overlooking the marina. Stage 2 is about to be released with all construction work now complete.


Unique Challenges

Hopper Developments are New Zealand’s premier canal housing developers.  We share Hopper’s passion for creating the highest quality developments on the edge of our amazing coastal playground.  Leading the country in the first canal housing developments has provided exciting challenges for both our planners and surveyors.  We have worked with the councils through the strategic and master planning issues to achieve some of this country’s most impressive residential sites.

Our surveyors have certainly become New Zealand’s experts in the complexities of canal development land transfer surveys with their extensive array of mooring and canal easements and the associated legal covenants and consent notices.


How we assisted

Cato Bolam Consultants have been on the Hopper Development project team since the late 1980’s providing planning and surveying expertise for the development of the waterway projects.  We have worked closely with the client during the conceptual stages to develop the canal and residential subdivision plans for what have become New Zealand’s leading waterways developments. 

Our planning and surveying team have consulted closely with the clients, local and regional councils and other consultants to prepare and secure the subdivision and land use consents and consents for the associated land use activities.

On the completion of the canal and residential construction works our professional surveyors have undertaken the land transfer surveying required to place the new boundary pegs and prepare the very complex legal plans and consulting with council over the release for the final Section 224(c ) completion certificate to enable the titles to issue.

Our team of surveyors have over the period of the development undertaken all of the highly accurate precise levelling for monitoring settlement following the breaching of the coffer dams when the water floods the canals.

We are proud to continue our excellent working relationship with Hopper Developments in the development of these impressive waterways developments.