Land Subdivision Services


With over 40 years of experience, Cato Bolam’s team of planners ensure that developers know the most effective & efficient way to subdivide their land. Our subdivision services will cover development issues for all types of subdivisions. Our team of planners will coordinate not only with your company, but also with the local council, Māori representatives, transport agencies and all others who might be affected by the the subdivision.

Cato Bolam’s land subdivision services cover:

  • Freehold subdivision (2 and 3-dimensional)
  • Urban subdivision
  • Rural subdivision
  • Unit title subdivision
  • Strata title
  • Cross-lease title


To guarantee the subdivision and all its structures comply with local and environmental policies, Cato Bolam will assess the land and the current development plan for it. Our team of planners, surveyors and engineers will determine the best type of subdivision suitable for the land, and the type of buildings suitable for the subdivision. Recommendations will consider the relevant district plan rules, as well as the conditions imposed by the council on any consent granted.

Cato Bolam’s land subdivision services are available to New Zealand’s corporate, private and public sectors. Visit or contact one of our offices in Auckland, Orewa, Manukau and Whangarei to learn more.