Our Expertise

Specialists in Land Development

If you are carrying out any form of development that will require a subdivision, land use or Building Consent from the Council, then our Directors and Principals will help you through the process.

From your initial consultation and design, right through the Council processes, to arranging and overseeing the contractors who will perform the land and building development work, we walk with you all the way.

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Cato Bolam’s planning consultants are available in all our four offices. Our planners are highly qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of District Plan and Regional Plan requirements and Resource Consent processes. We work in both urban and rural areas and on all types and all sizes of projects.

Civil Engineering

Cato Bolam has a large team of qualified civil engineers, experienced in all aspects of land development, with the expertise you need to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

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Cato Bolam has a large team of land surveyors available from all of our offices. Our registered surveyors and survey technicians are highly qualified and experienced professionals who utilise the latest field and office technologies and land surveying equipment.

We work in all areas, urban and rural, and on private, public and infrastructure provider projects.


Cato Bolam’s architecture team is available to assist in a wide range of residential and commercial projects of all scales. We are able to take a project all the way from initial concept design to Building Consent, project management and project completion.

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Land Contamination

Cato Bolam’s land contamination experts are available to provide preliminary site investigation reports, testing, remediation and post-remediation validation of all forms of land contamination.


Cato Bolam’s ecology experts are available to provide advice and expertise that will minimise the environmental impact of your project and ensure it complies with all environmental regulations and legislation.

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Qualified and Experienced Professionals

Our qualified professionals include:

  • Planners – qualifications include B.Plan., B.R.P., M.Plan., Members NZPI
    Our planners have experience ranging from five years up to 40+ years. We have specialised skills in all types and scales of subdivision and land use consents, including preparation of Assessments of Environmental Effects. We also have experts in policy development, and Plan Change work and considerable experience at Council and Court hearings.
  • Engineers – qualifications include B. Eng., B. Etech., NZCE, CPEng., Members EngNZ
    We have a large team of engineers with many years’ experience in all aspects of civil engineering for land development and infrastructure projects. We are skilled in subdivision engineering design, construction and project management, whether it be one lot or 1,000 lots.
  • Surveyors – qualifications include B.Surv., Registered Professional Surveyors, Members S+SNZ (NZIS)
    Our surveyors are amongst the most experienced survey professionals in the country. We are highly skilled in all aspects of surveying, urban and rural. Particular expertise includes Land Transfer Surveying – Freehold and Unit Titles, Topographical Surveying, Engineering Surveying, Building Set-out and As-Builts and Boundary Redefinitions.
  • Architects – qualifications include B.Arch. and M.Arch., Registered Architect
    Our architects are highly qualified and experienced in all types of residential and commercial building design and can take a project from initial concept to completed construction.
  • Land Contamination Experts – qualifications include M.Sc., CEnvP., Certified Environmental Practitioners
    Our land contamination consultants have extensive knowledge of New Zealand legislation, and local and international practices in identifying and managing all aspects of land contamination.
  • Ecologists – qualifications include M.Sc.
    Cato Bolam ecologists have particular skills and experience in terrestrial, wetland and stream ecology.