Unit Titles

Cato Bolam has developed considerable expertise in the area of unit title subdivisions. This form of subdivision is becoming more common as we intensify our urban areas. Unit titles are a common and successful form of achieving unit ownership, with the advantage of sharing common facilities with corporate body overview.

Unit title surveys can be highly complex, requiring the most up-to-date technology and expertise. Cato Bolam’s team of land surveyors is skilled in these processes, and in achieving the best, most accurate results for our clients.

We work proactively with the developer and their legal advisors to ensure the most robust result is achieved. We also ensure that all local authority requirements are adhered to and that the process for achieving the approved unit title subdivision is timely and at least-cost.

unit titles 776 - Unit Titles
unit titles 776 - Unit Titles

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Unit Titles Questions

What is a unit title subdivision?

Unit title subdivisions are a common way of providing titles for higher density residential development such as apartments and industrial and commercial development where there are a number of premises on the one site. Unit titles require a building to be designed as boundaries ar based on the building premises. Once completed, unit titles can be sold off individually, usually with a share in common areas such as access and carparking.

Who has experience in Unit Titles?

A Licensed or Registered Professional Surveyor (land surveyor)

Who can provide unit titles for my apartment block?

You will need the services of a Licensed or Registered Professional Surveyor and a lawyer. We are unit titling experts.

What are the minimum requirements for a Unit Title?

New Unit Titles require a measurable physical area such as a wall or roof. Therefore the first stage of a unit title plan is designing and the proposed building. The building will need to meet council requirements for height and shape and also allow for infrastructure such as parking, stormwater and access.

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