Rural Subdivisions & Land Use

Development Feasibility, Design, Resource Consents, Project Management, Construction to Completion

  • Countryside Living Subdivisions (all types, including Transferable Title Rights)
  • Rural Subdivisions (all types, including Wetland Protection/ Enhancement, Bush Protection/ Enhancement)
  • Boundary Relocations
  • Minor Dwelling Units
  • Rural Worker Dwellings
  • Rural Land Use
Rural Subdivision Expert - Rural Subdivisions & Land Use

We have a specialist rural subdivision team with considerable expertise in rural and countryside living subdivision. This expertise is built on 40 years of successfully delivering rural projects of all scales. We are the go-to consultancy for all rural subdivision in the Auckland, Whangarei and Far North districts.

Our team are specialists in environmental protection and enhancement – bush or wetland – in rural subdivision and the use of transferable title rights in countryside living subdivisions. We regularly host Cato Bolam presentations for the community on rural and countryside living opportunities. (see our contacts page)

Our team includes land development consultants who have been brought up on farms and who live in rural areas. That means, we enjoy working with rural communities and have a good understanding of how to create subdivisions that are enduring both for those who wish to continue living and working in a rural area, and new rural dwellers who are looking for the special environment rural living offers.

Rural Subdivision Expert - Rural Subdivisions & Land Use
rural subdivision services - Rural Subdivisions & Land Use

Rural Subdivision Services

Our rural subdivision services include:

  • Initial Consultation, Site Visit and Development Advice
  • Transferable Title Right Advice/ Database
  • Wetland enhancement/ protection assessment
  • Bush enhancement/ protections assessment
  • Topographical or UAV (Drone) Aerial Survey
  • Concept and Subdivision Design
  • Earthworks and Access Design
  • Engineering Design, plans and reports
  • Land Contamination assessments and reports
  • Project Consultation with key stakeholders
  • esource consent applications
  • Civil earthworks & infrastructure tender and construction management
  • As Built Surveys
  • Freehold Land Transfer Survey
  • Subdivision Completion (S223 & S224c certification)
  • Liaising with Solicitor and LINZ to secure new titles
  • Project Management and consultation, from start to finish

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Rural Subdivision Questions

How much land do I need to subdivide?

Depending on the zoning you will generally need at least 4ha to subdivide in a rural zone. In some rural zones you will need a lot more than this and in certain circumstances in the Countryside Living Zone there may be possibilities on a site as small as 2ha. We can advise you on this very quickly through our initial enquiry process which is a free service we provide.

How do you go about subdividing rural / farmland?

Our subdivision experts can advise you on the best subdivision options for your property. Our initial consultation providing this advice is free and includes a comprehensive outline of the process that needs to be followed.

What are the subdivision costs?

A scheme plan of subdivision needs to be prepared and this will enable a costing to be carried out. As normal urban services such as water and drainage are not normally necessary on a rural subdivision the physical costs are often just driveway formation and power and telecom connections. You will also need to provide mitigation for stormwater runoff whcih may need some vegetation planting. Other requirements specific top the site can be worked out easrly in the process - we can give you guidance on this. Some forms of rural subdivision, such as bonus lost through transferring titles, have greater costs. Of course for all subdivision there is the need for a subdivision consent from the Council and the costs of the actual survey and arranging for titles.

Who has experience in rural subdivisions?

We think we are the best consultant you can get for rural subdivision and we undertake a lot of such work with our rural experts. We advise you on whether your rural site can be subdivided, and guide you through the process from there.

Can I subdivide my rural property?

Give us a call and we can let you know almost straight away.

Who can subdivide my rural property?

Many rural subdivisions are undertaken by property owners themselves engaging us to process the subdivision for them. Unlike an urban subdivision where costs can be quite high, rural subdivision can be undertaken in a relatively simple and cost-effective way. We are experts in rural subdivision and can give valuable guidance as to the possibilities, process and costs.

How can we assist with your rural subdivision?