Our team of highly qualified ecologists hold PhD or MSc Honours degrees and have extensive experience in undertaking ecological surveys and providing ecological advice in relation to subdivisions, land use change and other projects which may affect the environment. Based in our North Auckland Orewa office, our ecology team offer services Auckland wide as well as in the Coromandel, Waikato, Hauraki Gulf Islands, Kaipara District, Whangārei and the upper North Island.

Ecology Cato Bolam Wetland Restoration 1 - Ecology

Ecology Services and Expertise

Our ecology team can provide the following services:

  • Ecological impact assessments
  • Ecological mitigation, offsetting and compensation advice
  • Bush/vegetation clearance assessments
  • Bush planting plans for rural subdivision
  • Bush/wetland quality assessment for rural subdivision
  • Significant Ecological Area (SEA) assessment reports
  • Wetland restoration plans for rural subdivision
  • Weed and pest control and covenant management plans
  • National Environmental Standards for Freshwater (NES-FW) reports
  • Wetland and stream assessments for urban and rural subdivision
  • Fish passage advice
  • Stream Ecological Valuations (SEV)
  • Macroinvertebrate surveys
  • Freshwater fish surveys
  • Freshwater fish management plans
  • Freshwater fish salvage and relocation
  • Abatement notice resolution and remediation action plans
  • Planting completion reports
Ecology Cato Bolam Wetland Restoration 1 - Ecology
Ecology Cato Bolam Freshwater Fish Surveys - Ecology

The Cato Bolam ecology team is specialised in terrestrial ecology (forest and wetland), restoration ecology, freshwater ecology and coastal marine ecology. We have completed well over 1,000 such projects, which have included wetland and bush quality assessments, wetland, bush and riparian margin restoration advice and planting plans and weed and pest control plans. Our ecologists are also qualified to undertake Stream Ecological Valuation assessments, freshwater fish surveys and fish relocations using appropriate electric fishing methodologies.

Developments undergo rigorous design to minimise the potential environmental impacts and ultimately provide positive environmental outcomes. This is especially true of projects in rural environments, on large areas of land, or those which are developed in close proximity to sensitive ecosystems. Cato Bolam’s ecologists work in interdisciplinary teams with engineers, planners and surveyors to develop ecologically sensitive and sustainable solutions for landowners and developers.

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Ecology Articles and Case Studies

Wetland Restoration – Significant Ecological Area (SEA) Quality

At Cato Bolam, we are experts in answering your questions on how to preserve wetlands and in this article we discuss what is involved in restoring a degraded wetland to one that meets the Significant Ecological Area (SEA) criteria of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

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Opportunity for Rural Stream Restoration at Urban Developers Cost

When undertaking urban subdivisions sometimes streams need to be modified to facilitate housing. Our team is available to explore rural stream restoration and protection to mitigate stream loss from urban development.

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Wetland Restoration – from wet unproductive pasture to valuable environmental asset

In this article we focus on a specific case study where we restored a wetland that initially had very low vegetation quality dues to decades of ongoing stock grazing, and then proceeded to apply for and gain subdivision resource consent based on these areas, and then a new title.

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Rural Subdivision – National Environmental Standards and National Policy Statements

National Environmental Standards and Policy Statements are part of the ever-changing face of rural land development and subdivision, and another in the list of items that need to be considered when subdividing land.

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Rural Resilience through Ecological Enhancement

Recent extreme weather events have highlighted the need for a more resilient rural landscape with a higher level of eco-system services. Resilience can be improved by restoring degraded wetlands and planting bush on steeper slopes in upper catchments to provide the eco-system services that can slow water flows and lower the likelihood of landslides. If done right this could lead to more reliable flood control.

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Ecology Questions

How can I minimise the environmental impact of my development?

We believe "creating great places" should involve a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable approach to any project that involves a valuable natural resource, such as native bush or streams. We will offer minimum impact approaches to all our projects, the aim being not only to protect our flora, fauna and waterways but also to add environmental value where we can.

Who has experience in Ecology?

We have skilled ecologists who can provide most services, or can advise a specialist ecologist where a particularly complex issue may need to be investigated.

Where can I find an experienced/reputable ecologist?

We have skilled ecologists who can provide most services, or can advise a specialist ecologist where a particularly complex issue may need to be investigated.

Do I need an ecologist?

If your project involves modifying any vegetation or water courses you will need the services of an ecologist. Ecologists are also emplyed to reort on the ecological impacts of a development, or to design ecological enhancement. We have skilled ecologists who can provide these services.

How can we assist with your ecology requirements?