Industrial & Commercial Development

Development Feasibility, Design, Resource Consents, Project Management, Construction to Completion

We provide all of the services required to obtain consents for and establish all types of business activity, whether it be an industrial subdivision, a new shopping centre or a change of business use.

We can provide advice on design, utility servicing requirements, land development requirements and architecture, or any one aspect of the development services that the client may require to fill a gap in their consultant advisors.

  • New businesses / land uses
  • New building development
  • Redevelopment
  • Subdivision
  • Unit Titling
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Industrial & Commercial Development

When should I engage a consultant about my development?

You should approach us as early as possible to see whether the development meets Council rules and whether there are any constraints to development, such as access to services.

Can I do commercial development?

We can provide advice on whether a proposed development is possible under the zoning and rules that apply to the land. We can also check on whether conections are available to services and whether there are any other constraints that may apply to the land.

Who designs a commercial development?

Our architects are experienced and skilled in a wide range of commercial and industrial developments. Our architects work with our planners to ensure our clients needs are met in a way that also satisfies Council requirements and ultimately provides what we are proud to be involved in - creating great places.

What consultant should I use for commercial development?

We can advise on the Council requirements for whatever development you propose. We can then provide any consultancy services required for obtaining resource and building consents, including architecture if the development involves a new building.

How can we assist with your industrial or commercial development?