As well as services for subdividing land, Cato Bolam offers a range of other services required to be conducted by professional surveyors.

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Our highly-skilled professional land surveyors use the latest technology and equipment to deliver the most accurate data for the engineers, architects and developers to use.

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Surveying Services

Services offered by Cato Bolam land surveyors:

  • Drone (UAV) Surveying & Aerial Mapping/ Photography
  • 3D point cloud generation and viewing
  • Concept and Subdivision Plans
  • Land Transfer Surveys – Freehold, Unit Title, Cross Lease, BOMA
  • Legalisation Surveys
  • Covenant and Easement (incl. ROW) Surveys, Topographical Surveys – Site Plans
  • Engineering Surveying
  • Civil construction set out
  • As Built Surveys and Plans
  • Building Setout and Certification
  • Boundary Redefinition
  • Height in Relation to Boundary determinations
  • Precise Level Surveys for settlement monitoring
  • Solicitor and property valuer coordination
  • Photogrammetric survey control
  • Spatial and GIS Data Collection

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