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Planning Cato Bolam - Planning
Planners Cato Bolam - Planning

Quite often, the first contact that is made will be the question “Can I do this?”. One of our highly qualified and experienced team of planners is likely to be involved in giving you that answer. They will then follow through with giving you advice on what is possible on your site, contributing to the planning of your development and then the important stages of putting consent applications together and managing the Council process through to getting the consent.

Our planners are outcomes focused. They love being involved in creating great places and finding the right solutions to get there. Our clients can rely on our planners to identify potential obstacles and to give informed and accurate advice based on our many years of experience and our knowledge of plans and processes.

For any land development project, large or small, a dedicated planner will be allocated to the project and will often be your most regular contact. Your planner, working alongside a company director, will be the professional who will assemble all of the inputs required for the efficient, cost-effective and successful achievement obtaining of all of the consents required.

Our planners have particular expertise in due diligence investigations, concept schemes (including “maximum yield” concepts) rural and urban land subdivision, residential property developments and redevelopments (including apartments and terraced housing), resource consent applications (“AEEs”) – land use, subdivision, coastal permits, discharge consents, planning enforcement issues, and expert
planning evidence.

Contact us also for plan changes and strategic planning studies.

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