Civil Engineering

Development Feasibility, Design, Consents, Contract Management, Construction to Completion

  • Subdivision & Land Development
  • Earthworks & Sediment Control
  • Roading
  • Infrastructure – Stormwater, Wastewater, Water, Utility Services
  • Collaborative engineering services (on projects being undertaken by others)
civil engieering 900 - Civil Engineering

We have a large team of qualified civil engineers, experienced in all aspects of land development. Our engineers use the latest civil engineering technologies and techniques; we pride ourselves on coming up with innovative approaches that lead to environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solutions – from relatively simple low impact design stormwater solutions to more complex value engineering earthworks modelling, we have expertise in them all.

With 40 years of civil engineering experience, we understand the need to balance commercial and environmental concerns. Our civil engineers work throughout Auckland and Northland, and are among the country’s most adept industrial problem solvers. That means, clients can be confident in our ability to assess, design and go beyond expectations to deliver creative and inspired solutions. We are always looking for measurable ways to add value to projects.

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Our civil engineers work closely with our planners, surveyors and other land development experts to assess projects, secure approvals and manage all phases of a land development, from the initial design stage, through consent and construction to post-construction maintenance.

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Civil Engineering Services

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Initial Consultation/ Development and Engineering Infrastructure Advice
  • Topographical or UAV (Drone) Aerial Survey for engineering design
  • Concept, Subdivision and Master Plan Design Inputs
  • Earthworks and Infrastructure Design
  • Engineering Design, plans and reports
  • Project Consultation with Council and key stakeholders
  • Comprehensive resource consent application inputs
  • Civil earthworks & infrastructure tender and construction management
  • Certification of civil construction works
  • UAV (Drone) Constructions Surveys and Aerial Photography
  • Engineering As Built Plans
  • Stormwater Management and Maintenance Plans
  • Subdivision Completion (S224c certification
  • Post Construction maintenance management
  • Project Management and consultation, from start to finish

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Civil Engineering Questions

Who can provide eco friendly civil engineering projects?

We believe "creating great places" should involve a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable approach to engineering design and construction. We will offer minimum impact approaches to all our projects, the aim being not only to protect our flora, fauna and waterways but also to add environmental value where we can.

Who has experience in civil engineering?

We have qualified and skilled civil engineers and for some projects our surveyors can also provide valuable engineering advice and services.

My property is in a flood hazard area, what does this mean for development?

The council's flood hazard register is created by a large scale hydrographic study and may not take in the intricacies of your specific site. For this reason any flooding identification on your site should not be taken as being 100% correct. Our engineers can carry out a detailed flood assessment to accurately define the levels on your site. That will then enable an analysis as to whether building sites and access to those sites can sit at a required level. The costs of these flood assessments will be dependant upon the scale of the site and the catchment feeding the flood flow. We can provide an estimate of costs for the intial consultation stage.

Do I need a Civil Engineer?

If there is any engineering work involved in your development you will need the services of an engineer to design these works. This may include earthworks, sediment control, stormwater drainage, stormwater attenuation, stormwater treatment, roading, accessways, wastewater drainage, water reticulation, power and telecommunications and fire fighting compliance.

Engineers will work with Council engineers during the resource consent process and are also required to certify the construction of all works that are constructed as part of a consent. We have a team of skilled engineers that provide these services.

How can we assist with your civil engineering?