Amanda Crawford Survey Manager

Amanda Crawford is a Survey Manager at our Henderson office.

Amanda has over 20 years of survey industry experience. Starting her career as a survey technician before studying for a Bachelor of Surveying degree and going on to gain a Cadastral Survey License and achieving RPSurv certification.

Amanda has extensive cadastral, topographical, geodetic and engineering surveying experience on small and large-scale projects in both urban and rural situations across the Auckland region. She has a strong technical background and understanding of survey principals and practise and is able to apply this knowledge to everyday applications.   Amanda also has experience in the civil engineering field which gives her a good understanding of the whole lifecycle of land development projects.

Amanda has a wide range of skills and expertise including,

·   Cadastral Surveying: Land Transfer, Cross Lease, Unit Title, Limited Title, Easements and Covenants, Boundary reinstatements, Legalisation surveys

·   Topographical and as-built surveys

·   Engineering, building and construction set outs and certification surveys

·   GNSS/GPS surveys

·   Control and monitoring surveys

·   Strong technical knowledge & understanding of modern survey equipment and techniques

·   Ability to assess and deal with complex survey definition

·   Staff supervision

·   Client, council, contractor and consultant liaison