Paul Kleynhans Engineering Manager

Paul Kleynhans is an Engineering Manager based at our Henderson office.

Paul has more than 15 years’ experience in civil engineering and is a Chartered Professional Engineer. He has a broad range of skills through all phases of a development and has designed and managed multimillion dollar land development projects with competing demands through effective communication and negotiation skills.

He is able to multi task effectively and complete work within tight deadlines. Tasks include designing and managing engineering designs for various land development projects, project management, contract management, obtaining Council 224c and associated Engineering Compliance Acceptance Certificates, affected party consultation and carrying fiscal responsibility for projects.

Paul has a wide range of expertise and skills including,

·   Full Earthworks and Engineering design and obtaining engineering approvals from applicable councils

·   Provide engineering input and design and reporting at resource consent stage for both territorial and regional requirements, including obtaining Resource consents

·   Obtaining Council 224c and associated Engineering Compliance Acceptance on completion of works

·   Liaise with, manage and provide design constraints/requirements advice to other project consultants

·   Identifying problems and problem solving

·   Full contract preparation, contract tender , tender evaluation and construction supervision

·   Extensive Client, Contractor and Council liaison

·   Experience in taking a large project from concept to completion

·   Peer review of other staff engineers’ work and providing guidance to other staff members in design ideas and principles

·   Stormwater treatment and detention design solutions incorporating low impact and sustainable design and reporting