Terms of Engagement


Our fees include all administrative overheads and additional assistance provided by other Cato Bolam directors and employees. Disbursements such as courier costs, copying costs and Land Information New Zealand search fees are charged separately and will be clearly itemised on your invoice. If disbursements of significant amounts are to be incurred, we may request you pay these in advance.

Frequency of billing

Short-term projects will usually be invoiced upon completion, with longer-running projects invoiced monthly. Unless otherwise arranged, invoices and disbursement statements are due for payment within seven days of notice.


As a professional organisation, Cato Bolam continually strives to provide the highest level of service. If you’re unhappy with the service you receive, we want to know. Please discuss your concerns with the director assigned to your project or if you prefer, contact our quality manager.

Fees and charges

At Cato Bolam, we take great care to assign the right people to your project. Matching their experience with the project requirements ensures efficient use of staff skills and minimises costs for you.

It is important to us that our services provide you with value. When we undertake your project, we will consult with you regarding fees and provide you with a fee estimate. We can also tailor fee arrangements to meet specific requirements of any transaction. At appropriate stages during your project, we will provide you with an itemised invoice for unbilled costs.

Communication and consultation

Communication plays a key role in ensuring your project is completed to your specifications. We begin every project by listening closely and asking the appropriate questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project and objectives. Comprehensive and clear initial project instructions minimise misunderstandings that can lead to extra fees. Close and ongoing communication and regular consultation with your key Cato Bolam contact is also extremely important.