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Clapham Waters

Low Density Residential Subdivision

Whareora, Whangarei.

Clapham Waters is a low density, 8 lot subdivision in Whareora, Whangarei. The location is a sought after scenic corner of Whangarei city near the Hatea River, close to the city centre and nearby recreation areas.

Project Expertise
Planning, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Project Management.

simon reiher - Clapham Waters
Project Lead

Simon Reiher


The Details

Clapham Waters is a stunning eight lot low density residential development featuring a stream with wetlands, landscaped ponds, walking track access to the Hatea River and the Whangarei Falls walking tracks.  This recently completed development is in Whareroa, a sought-after corner of Whangaeri, near Hatea River with good access to the city centre and nearby recreation areas.

Our Whangarei land development team are proud to have partnered with Jessie Trust Developments on the design and delivery of Clapham Waters, another of their boutique developments which feature either panoramic views or waterfront locations.  In addition to providing planning, surveying and engineering services, Cato Bolam has project managed the site construction and engineering supervision.

Key to the development’s success is the Cato Bolam teams carefully planned and engineered integration of the stormwater quality infrastructure with the landscaping and ecological enhancement of the riparian area, protection of the existing native bush and the pedestrian connection to the Hatea River.   The opportunity to provide a walking track link from Clapham Road to Sands Road and allow for walkway/cycleway linkage to the upper Hatea walking tracks has also added considerable value to the development.

The extension of Clapham Road through a complex stormwater overland flow path required key stakeholder engagement and successful negotiation with several adjoining landowners.

It is a privileged to have a client willing to support excellent urban design and engineering solutions that result in positive environmental and amenity outcomes.  A benefit of this investment has been the higher market value of the sites and strong sales, with purchasers’ decisions being heavily influenced by the high level of walking connectivity.

Read more about this project at our clients website here.

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