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Residential Terrace Housing


The Rata Terraces development, comprises of 101, one and two bedroom terrace units with the Cato Bolam team delivering on all civil engineering, planning and surveying services in addition to developing the plans through to building consent. The project’s completion in late 2021, will deliver a high quality and affordable entry point to the Auckland market.

Project Expertise
Civil Engineering, Planning, Surveying, Architecture, Project Management

Project Completion

chris solleder - Rata Terraces
Project Lead

Chris Solleder

Director - Manukau

The Details

Rata Terraces is an affordable housing initiative, set in the heart of the rapidly growing suburb of Papatoetoe.  The land is zoned Mixed Housing Suburban, the most widespread zone covering many established suburbs.

This development offers 101, one and two bedroom terrace units, developed from a new small-footprint typology which includes a standardised module for affordable development. The smaller building footprints were carefully considered to deliver a spacious, yet affordable niche in the market, while the use of different external treatments created a mix of dwellings delivering a well-balanced, and varied built form.

Cato Bolam developed the initial concepts by Archimedia, through a non-notified resource consent stage. This included value engineering and site design by successfully enabling this development of 101 dwellings to be serviced by a private access road, which was endorsed by Auckland Transport. The proposed scheme takes advantage of the two end road connections to create a new private road linkage, affording the possibility for good accessibility and connections, while creating smaller sub-groups of housing and parking within this large, long site. The site layout utilises a rotational symmetry to divide it into two elements, which in turn are further broken down in scale. This creates a sense of community which is suburban in its character, yet which maximises the overall yield to provide for the most efficient form of land development.

Our team will be delivering on all civil engineering, planning, surveying services, in addition to developing the detailed plans through to building consent. The project is still in construction phase (as of Oct 2020) with an anticipated completion date of late 2021. The end result will be a project which will provide a sense of community, increasing housing capacity and offering valid and attainable housing choice, all in a manner which delivers a high quality on-site living environment, and which respects the amenity values of all neighbouring sites.

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