Land Surveyors

Cato Bolam’s highly-skilled land surveyors use the latest technology and equipment to deliver the most accurate data for the engineers, architects and developers to use.

Services offered by Cato Bolam land surveyors:

  • Topographical surveys
  • Land transfer surveys
  • Building set out
  • Height in relation to boundary determinations
  • GPS surveys
  • Legalisation surveys
  • Boundary redefinition
  • Precise level surveys for settlement monitoring
  • Rentable area measurement (Boma/PLEINZ)
  • Covenant and easement surveys
  • Civil construction set out
  • Solicitor and property valuer coordination
  • Photogrammetric survey control
  • LIDAR and terrestrial-based scanning
  • Railway surveys
  • GIS data collection


Cato Bolam’s team of land surveyors serves New Zealand’s corporate, private and public sectors, and has offices in Auckland, Orewa, Manukau and Whangarei.