Bradley Mowat Survey Manager

Bradley Mowat is a Survey Manager at our Orewa office.

Bradley has 14 years of survey industry experience after graduating with a Bachelor of Surveying degree. In this time he worked towards becoming a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor including passing the professional entrance examination.

Bradley has a well-rounded surveying background including rural and residential land transfer subdivision and legalisation surveys, heavy construction set out survey, large scale residential subdivision and managing survey staff including mentoring under and post graduate surveyors. He has a good understanding of survey principles and practise and is able to apply these to modern survey techniques such as GNSS surveys to ensure the integrity of the survey data.

Outside of work, Bradley enjoys fishing, surfing and spending time with his wife and young daughter.

Bradley has a wide range of skills and expertise including,

– Cadastral Surveying: Land Transfer, Cross Lease, Unit Title, Limited Title, Easements and Covenants, Boundary reinstatements, Legalisation surveys

– Topographical and as-built surveys

– Engineering, building and construction set outs and certification surveys

– GNSS/GPS surveys

– Good technical knowledge & understanding of modern survey equipment and techniques

– Ability to assess and deal with complex survey definition

– Staff supervision

– Client, council, contractor and consultant liaison