Master Planned Rural Subdivision


Cato Bolam master planned an area of 100ha, working with several stakeholders including DoC and WDC. The 150-lot rural residential subdivision was completed over 7 stages.

Project Expertise
Planning, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Ecology, Project Management

Project Completion

Project Value:

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Project Lead

Simon Reiher

Director - Whangarei

The Details

The 39ha development has been carefully designed to retain the character of its distinctly rural location, maintaining farmlets within the development as well as preserving the impressive surrounding stone walls, while creating a strong sense of community through the formation of more dense pockets of housing. The property has also been thoughtfully designed to show utmost respect to the land’s history, which stretches through Maori times to early Pakeha settlement in the area, and to connect residents with the outstanding natural features throughout and surrounding the property, including the Pukenui Forest.

We provided a start to finish land development service with a strong focus on producing an end product that met the market and the design brief. This included precedent setting planning for the first development under the Urban Transition Environment which required detailed hearing presentations and consultation with DoC, WDC, NRC and surrounding neighbours.

The brief for the civil design for this development was to be understated and enhance the existing environment. This was achieved through clever use of space for stormwater control, combining stormwater attenuation within usable paddock areas and creating narrow roading that interacted with the stone wall features. All this innovation was at odds with Councils engineering standards so this needed to be explained at first principals level and gently pushed through to engineering approval.

Over all stages a consistent outcome was achieved for budgeted construction and all lots have sold at asking price prior to or within months of title being issued.

“Cato Bolam have provided a level of property development experience second to none. This development shows that all the major works have been done well but it is really a testament to Simon and his staffs attention to detail that all the minute details have been timed to perfection to make an outstanding finished product”

Don Malone -Evo Holdings

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