Civil Engineering Services

Cato Bolam’s land & civil engineering services help companies develop land in a proper and professional way. If you need assistance with any land development engineering or civil engineering project, call Cato Bolem Consulting today.

With more than 40 years of experience, Cato Bolam and its team of civil engineers provide valuable advice, comprehensive services and innovative solutions for a wide range of development projects. Our staff use the latest technologies, to enable them to uphold our commitment to environmentally-friendly, low-impact design solutions.

Cato Bolam’s land engineering services cover:

  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Water systems
  • Stormwater systems including catchment analysis, drainage and flood modelling
  • Wastewater systems
  • Preparing contract documentation, and calling and letting of tenders
  • Administering and observing contracts
  • Arranging for certification of works and preparation of as-built plans

Our civil engineers work closely with our planners and surveyors to assess projects, secure approvals, prepare tender documents and manage all phases of the development, from initial design stage, through to construction and then post-construction maintenance.

From mapping resource networks hidden from the public eye to building some of New Zealand’s most architecturally-advanced structures, civil engineers lend a multidisciplinary perspective that ensures not only the utility of a finished project, but also its longevity. Issues from physics to public safety are all part of the civil engineer’s remit, and your company can trust Cato Bolam’s team to deliver results best suited to your projects goals, costs and timeline. Our civil engineers are among the country’s most adept industrial problem solvers, so clients can be confident in their ability to assess, design and build their way out of any challenge a project may present.

Cato Bolam’s civil engineering services are available to New Zealand’s corporate, private and public sectors. Contact one of our offices in Auckland, Whangarei or Orewa today to learn more.