Resource Consent Applications

Cato Bolam’s resource consent application services help companies develop land in a lawful and sustainable way.

With over 40 years of experience, Cato Bolam’s team of planners ensure that our clients secure all the New Zealand resource consents necessary to complete a project. Many of our planners have backgrounds in council work, and have considerable experience in assessing resource consent applications. They can process a full range of applications, such as land use, subdivision, discharge and coastal consents.

Our planners will guide clients in the preparation, completion and submission of all their resource consent and Assessment of Environmental Effects.

Cato Bolam’s resource consent application services help by:

  • Providing advice on the requirements for obtaining a resource consent in Auckland and Whangarei
  • Compiling resource consent applications, including working with other consultants
  • Liaising with council officers
  • Managing the resource consent application process through the council
  • If necessary, preparing and presenting evidence at council and Environment Court hearings.

Cato Bolam’s resource consent application services are available to New Zealand’s corporate, private and public sectors. Visit or contact one of our offices in Auckland, Orewa, Manukau and Whangarei to learn more.