• Client
  • NZRPG - Auckland Council - Richies Bus and Coach

  • Budget
  • Civil Construction of $60M

  • Completion Date
  • May 2012

Massey North Town Centre



Click on this link to view a slide show of the construction of the Westgate Town Centre to date.


The overall vision for the Massey North Centre Development is to develop an integrated business and employment area providing for a broad range of mutually compatible business activities and employment opportunities that are integrated with private and public transport.

PC15 was one of a series of six plan changes (PC13 – 18) by Waitakere City Council establishing a new peripheral urban growth area providing for commercial and industrial activities. The change was accompanied by a separate, Auckland Regional Council plan change 7 to extend the Metropolitan Urban Limit to include the area in which the subject site falls. 

PC15 is part of a wider strategic response to the projected population increase anticipated in the greater Auckland area and the lack of employment land within Waitakere City. In 2004 approximately 63% of the workforce worked outside of the City.

How we assisted

Cato Bolam is involved in the majority of all current works within PC 15 totalling approximately 60% of the available land area including engineering, planning and surveying services for

  • Precincts A & B for services for the 40 hectare town centre development. Client:  New Zealand Retail Property Group (NZRPG)
  • 25 hectare of Working Environment land for NZRPG
  • Supporting public roading, stormwater ponds, infrastructure and open space delivery  for the significant public infrastructure and development works contracts between Auckland Council and NZRPG
  • Services for Ritchie’s new Bus Depot.
  • Concept design of a further 20 hectare of Working Environment land.

The total project includes over 600,000m3 of earthworks to be conducted over two construction seasons and in excess of $60M of infrastructure which Cato Bolam is responsible to deliver under engagement to NZRPG.

Our extensive involvement in this development area has given us the opportunity to obtain the best outcomes for our clients, both public and private. We have a comprehensive overall understanding of the area, and have offered a multitude of innovative solutions that have contributed to saving NZRPG and Auckland Council millions of dollars in construction costs and minimised impacts on the environment.