• Client
  • Linda Dennis

  • Address
  • 300 Wainui Road

  • Completion Date
  • Titles Issued December 2010



Initially this site was an historic forestry block with limited access and slumping clay embankments, however it also had commanding views over Whangaroa Harbour and good native understory vegetation in which the client saw huge potential to create premium lifestyle sections.

Unique Challenges

To realise the sites potential as 5 rural lifestyle/bush blocks, sever major obstacles had to be overcome.

Firstly access and building sites needed to be proved as feasible through extensive engineering design and geotechnical works.  The subdivision development required over 4000m3 of earthworks, 570m of driveway construction, stormwater attenuation and discharge to a coastal environment. The flagship lot also required 3000 m3 of earthworks and 6m of earth retaining to achieve the desired result of a site which obtained maximum views whilst sitting comfortably with its surroundings. 

Secondly this level of modification to the land form made the task of achieving non-complying subdivision consent in this rural/coastal environment all that more difficult.  However argument through the unique level of restoration, the use of ongoing management plan and effects based planning techniques proved successful at the Environment Court. 

Finally, construction was made much more cumbersome by the underlying geology consisting of poorly weathered sandstone and expansive clays.  Thus requiring considerable site management to ensure the small site did not become unworkable.

How we assisted

Cato Bolam Consultants provided full development project management working closely with the client who required the project to fit in with their ideas and their existing operations on site.

We completed the subdivision design and feasibility study; provided the  Resource Consent Application and supported this through Judicial Hearings and Environment Court; We Designed all Engineering and managed construction; We completed Land Transfer Survey and achieved titles; We also produced a full Site Management Plan including Landscape Assessment, Re-vegetation Planting, Ecological Assessment, Geotechnical Assessment, and Weed and Pest Control Program.

The site now sits comfortably within its coastal environment, unique in its design and use of land whilst remaining practically usable as true lifestyle/bush development.